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As Beef Producers we have a responsibility to continually learn, so we can produce and market better BEEF.

American Simmental Association slogan:
Visual analysis tells you what an animal appears to be, his pedigree tells you what he should be, his performance and progeny tells you what he actually is.
Is more than a slogan, it's a fact!

We have been fortunate over the years to have been influenced by cattlemen that really knew what the Beef Industry needed to produce and market better Beef.

Fortunate also because of them to have found and sought out Fleckvieh genetics that at the time seemed to be at the top of the breed. Proved themselves to be at the top of our herd. Now with the innovative All Purpose and Terminal Index data, PROVE to be really in  the top percentage of all  Fullblood Simmentals. Performance testing, EPDs, Indexes, and stacking economically relevant traits WORKS, along with DNA, changes beliefs into knowledge.

We'd also always fed cross bred cattle, so cross breeding with similar genetics has been second nature. We keep in mind 2 Beef Industry adages, "like begets like, there's as much difference in cattle with in a breed, as there is between breeds".  Cross breeding has again become popular to promote. We take it above and beyond the benefits of just cross breeding 2 different breeds, with the benefit and advantage of crossing the top percentage genetics of both breeds used. "Like begets like."

In feeding cattle, health, growth and carcass qualities have been always sought out. With the inclusion of a breeding herd, maternal traits, (calving ease, direct and maternal, longevity, moderate milk, and high weaning wt. to % of cow weight, "cow efficiency"). Longevity really addresses most all things structural, so you'll find our cattle easy on the eye, and even get better looking with age.

The Cow Sense page is opportunity to share articles we come across on Beef Industry insight, to pass along,  with some of our own observations. Check back frequently for what's new.

We view the ALL PURPOSE and TERMINAL INDEXS as PROFIT INDEXS, simply put, the higher the index the more profit those genetics will make for the cattleman that uses them. The day is coming that feeder cattle will be marketed based on INDEXS. Progressive Cattlemen and Fleckvieh breeders that use them now can move to the front of the pack.

In making mating decisions, our goal is to A.I. to 75 to 80% proven, high accuracy, high API sires, in the top 25%, starting from the top 1%. Then consider which genetic traits, based from EPDs, not HYPE, we need to include in a particular mating, to fit Beef Industry needs. The other 20 to 25% of our matings are to either high accuracy sires that don't quite fit the upper tier, but have dominat traits that we want to reinforce, or young bulls that we've bred an need to test against the proven bulls.

No other Fleckvieh based breeding program in North America, focuses on using a higher percenage of Fleckvieh sires that are as high accuracy and high API and high TI than Pheonix Cattle Co.. We provide a diverse genetic combination of Fleckvieh genetics that fit the Beef Industry yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Whether you are building a herd of foundation Simmentals, or enhancing you current herd of Purebreds or Cross breds, we invite you to consider progeny or embryos from our great Fleckvieh Beef Genetics that provide ingredients in the recipe for an efficient high quality Beef Product. You will really appreciate the momma cows they'll make you. Made in America for Americans Taste in Beef.


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As Beef Producers we have a responsibility to continually learn, so we can produce and market...


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