ASA No. 0146340
Top 1% API

No other Fleckvieh sire produces more great cows than Siegfried, cow after cow. He and LJB JADE AJ6, are the top 2 high accuracy, top stayability Fleckvieh sires.

Star Palm
ASA No. 0224251
Top 1% API

Star Palm, a greatly over looked and under used Fleckvieh sire. He reduced frame score when the showring judges were telling us we needed to increase frame. Star Palm improves cow efficeincy, calving ease, bw, marbling, stay.

ASA No. 1411660
Top 1% API

Thee top Fleckvieh high accuracy sire for stay. Top 1% ce, mce. Oh and also improves color and eye pigment.

Arnolds Image
ASA no. 1080561
Top 1% API

7 EPDs top 25% of all Fleckvieh sires. A maternal Siegfried son. We've always said, "someone can find something wrong with every animal, it's not what's wrong with an animal, but knowing how to mate them." There is alot more right with Arnolds Image, than anyone can find wrong.

Anchor T Control
ASA No. 2051138
Top 1% API

WOW. 10 EPDs in the Top 25% of all Fleckvieh. An Anchor T Helga son, from one of the greatest Fleckvieh flushes of all time.

Wyvern Vanguard
ASA No. 1323907
Top 10% API, Top 5% TI

Solway Adonis best son. Vanguard first caught our attention in Arnold Bros. catalogs, by the % of his daughter that were becoming award winning cows, along with potential marbling, ( carcass quality ). Today he's a high accuracy power bull, that fits both INDEXS, growth, carcass quality, and a maternal sire. The only 2 programs you'll find him in the U.S. today is ours and James Creek Simmentals. Grand dam Moreen Geraldine, look her up.

Scottish Herode
ASA No. 0048107
Top 15% API

7 EPDs in the top 25% high accuracy Fleckvieh. Sire of perhaps best cow ever, ABR Miss Arnold H9003, producing into her late teens. Adds the influence of Scottish Herod, also the sire of Garst Corn Cob. An H line sire that's an outcross today to many Fleckvieh.

Knight Mr. T
ASA No. 1420376
Top 10% API and TI

10 EPDs in the top 25% of all high accuracy Fleckvieh sires. Another power Fleckvieh that fits both API and TI. Feedlot managers tell us they pay premiums for cattle that grow and grade. Cattle that grade choice and higher, build demand for BEEF. Knight Mr. Ts dam, Miss Knight 108N also produced Knight Stinger. We get the best of carsass and cows with these genetics.

ASA no. 0613074
Top 20% API

7 EPDs in the top 25% of high accuracy Fleckvieh sires. A maternal sire that can bump up milk, with out sacrificing longevity, a rare combination in any breed.

Photo not available Zeus
ASA No. 0146320
Top 15% API

5 EPDs in the top 25%. Veron Hoffmans carcass bull Zeus, 3 sons Vernon entered in a carcass competition placed 1st 2nd and 4th. Outcross Fleckvieh genetics that fit the needs of the Beef Industry, that will also improve udders, a quality that Vernons cattle were known for.

Red Angus

Beckton Julian GG B571
Reg 387580
3/27/1992  100% IA

Julian B571 is the most in demand sire in the Red Angus breed today.  A long-time breed Trait Leader for Calving Ease and BW, he has the highest YW EPD of any of the BW leaders.  Julian is also a Trait Leader for Cow Maintenance Energy Requiremant (ME) EPD.  He is one of the top Meat Sires in the breed with a REA +.44.  A direct 3/4 line bred Julian 7526 son out of a tremendous Marta matron whose calves have all weaned in the top half of the herd.  Embryos available. 

Additional sires on our short list include Dovea Horst, SH Romulus F53R, HGF Doktor R554, Tattenhall Achilles, Westdrums Andrew, Panzer, Balist, Bel C&B Western 3rd., DS Bold Adventure, Canadian Neff, Garst Corn Cob. It's easier to change the color on the outside than it is to change the genetic qualities on the inside, most breeders never look past skin deep.