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The Colorado Simmental membership honored Roger Schager, who had served on the CSA board for 9 years. He was given an engraved bell and thanks for his service, including chairman of marketing outreach. CSA discussed how to better invest and promote Simmental and Colorado breeders. CSA will try to sponsor an educational event, perhaps with Colorado Cattlemen’s Association.

< Roger Schager, who has coordinated the booths and outreach for many of his 9 years on the CSA board, was honored with a "CSA cowbell" for his service.


Arnold Bros. cow ABR Miss Arnold H9003, an Herode daughter, was also ranked in the top 75 cows, and didn't retire until her late teens. Her Siegfried daughter Miss Arnold S5077 also ranks in the top percentile of Fullblood cows for ALL PURPOSE INDEX. We use her full brother Sir Arnold S4011 as a sire to provide the influence of Miss Arnold H9003.

Like Fleckvieh, the Red Angus breed was also founded on performance testing in the 1950s. Recent past RAAA President Joe Mushrush has commented, " Believe the Numbers, not the HYPE". I'd concure, our experience has taught us that Proven, High Accuracy E.P.D.s are the best tool we have to quickly and cleanly cut throught the HYPE. Across breed EPDs, now along with the innovative ALL PURPOSE INDEX, and TERMINAL INDEX, simplifies and provides a road map for both Seed stock Producers  and Commercial cowmen to IDENTIFY superior genetics to produce more efficient, more profitable Beef Cattle, that Consumers want to buy, pay premiums for, Building Demand for BEEF.

Fleckvieh, John Deere Tractor, Red Delicious Apples, and Secretariat.
 Our church had sponsored a German family in the late 1950s, to make a long story shorter, the dad and my dad always remained friends. Once when he came to visit, I'd told him of my German bull and took him out to see the bull. When Hans first got a glimpse of him, he exclaimed, " I use to plow behind a bull that looked just like him". I thought that was pretty neat. On the other hand, we don't very often breed cattle to pull plows any more, and just eat what ever the salvage value is. We have John Deere tractors to plow for us. In fact we do a lot less plowing today. John Deere is the most dependable high quality equipment today from years of testing and applying science, and lessons learned. A company that has never been bought and sold, and bought and sold again and again by perfume companies and others just looking for a tax dodge or as a novelty investment, like most other farm machinery companies that still exist producing a cheap low quality product, or gone the way of the Dinosaur. From my memory, John Deere had a test farm back in the 1950s, where they brought other brands of tractors to compare with theirs. When they found better ideas they incorporated them into John Deere. I have little reason to wonder where John Deere would be today, had they tried to compete in a 500 hp all wheel drive tractor market, with a 2 cylinder engine.


Newest addition to our program, B482 A.S.A number 2905527. From Jerry Brink.

Selected for her birth to ww. growth spread, longevity of her 14 year old Dam K07, 367 day calving interval, and a non dilutor.

Her Grand sire Brink Focus and sire Brink Campfire, sired the Lovejoy feeding trial steers that grossed $350.00 more than the Angus sired steers. See Jerry's web site for that data.


A few years back, the Denver Post did an article on the region around Grand Mesa Colorado,  known for the Orchards and Vineyards. One of the growers told how the area once was known for Red Delicious Apples, until the growers focused more on reproducing Red than the Delicious, as the grower stated, until "they tasted like card board."

Then that market went over seas. Next time your in a grocery store compare the price of Red Delicious to other apples. Red Delicious apples are now a World Class apple, cheap and low quality.

Some may remember in 1973 the race horse, Secretariat, winning the Triple Crown, more might recall the recent movie about him. Secretariat won the last race of the Triple Crown, the Belmont, by a record shattering time that since has never been duplicated. The Belmont, the longest race course, required both speed and stamina.

Typical of Hollywood movies, artistic liberties were taken in the making of the movie. Chris Chenery's, breeder of Secretariat, daughter Penny Chenery, lives just up the road here in Boulder Colorado. She and her daughter have written a book, Secretariat's Meadow, to tell the rest of  the story, which has an interesting comparison with cattle breeding.

Chris Chenery had built a stable of Thoroughbred mares, "searching for fillies whose pedigrees were unfashionable at the moment." Chris liked to say, " The price does not represent a horses worth, only what some damn fool thinks he is worth"

"Penny Chenery, had learned that looks and speed do not necessarily correlate, and many a big handsome colt has turned into a big handsome nothing at the track. She like her father was too practical to be fooled by a youngsters good looks".

At 90, Penny Chenery still follows horse racing. Recently she stated, "We used to breed horses to race them. Now we breed horses to sell them. We want them to be pretty."