Fleckvieh For Sale

By Jade, Anchor T Legend, And Panzer
Contact 303-550-5592 for info.

Fleckvieh heifers for sale:

(Nebraska grown, adaptive to any environment, Big hipped, Feminine and Beefy)

EVS Gretchen 93H 
Reg no. 2031653 
Siegfried x Hackenberg Jr. x SV Bavarian 7C

Jade x 93H

Red Star x 93H
Owned by Heathe Widicker

MJ Ella
Reg no. 3013224

Available embryos are by, Jade, Sir Arnold 4011, King Arthur, King Arthurs Majesty, Grinaltas Superb, Herode.

It's gratifying to see our customers succeed with their purchases and also to produce accepted genetics that fit Beef Industry needs.

The sale of Mark Jones MJ Ella  at the North American Livestock Exposition, to highly respected Fleckvieh Breeder Jerry Brink reflects a progression of Elite Genetic matings of past Quality Fleckvieh breeders, Dick Judy BGR > Ballybane Eva > Siegfrieds Mana, R D Messer Mille Cent Ranch > MC Bavarian Miss Y494 > B103, Steve Yust > Gretchen 93H.

These embryos are our contribution to continue that progression. The mating plan for these embryos has been to continue stacking Proven High Accuracy E.P.D. Genetics, or in the case of  Majesty and Superb, introduce the polled gene to 93 H.

93 H along with her influential ancestors, contribute longevity, length, depth, correctness, fertility, and sound udder, for great earning potential.

Greg Starr had commented that, I should have cloned 93 H. Lacking that insight, I offer part of our cash of 93 H embryos for your consideration.

Please feel free to call 303-550-5592.